Matt Bennett is an outstanding option for future school convocations. Matt presented to approximately 2000 students at Zionsville Community High School and did an amazing job of connecting deeply with our student population. Matt’s personal story was very moving and engaging for our students and our students left the convocation with an enhanced sense of personal dignity and self-worth. Matt’s presentation style was very effective with our students and I highly recommend you consider him if you are looking for a speaker to help with the social-emotional development of your students.
Greg Hall
Assistant Principal Zionsville Community High School
While our main focus as a school is on academics, we know that we cannot help our students to achieve educationally until we recognize the trauma that many of them have experienced. Matt's presentation acknowledged the many difficulties our students may have experienced in their young lives, showed them that they were not alone, challenged them all to be kind to one another to make a difference, and provided them with a model to illustrate that, through hard work and education, they can overcome a myriad of adversity and live their dreams. Powerful stuff, indeed! I appreciate the sensitivity and compassion that he showed to our students, and today many of them were still talking about his visit. You clearly made an impression!
Joann K. Bonnville, Ed.D.
Director of Middle Level Curriculum and Instruction Phillipsburg School District
Matt Bennett recently spoke to more than 200 students and 60+ adults and the JAG-K Leadership Development Conference. I've never seen a speaker connect to an entire auditorium of people like Matt did. He truly connected with our students and reached their hearts with his presence and his message! I would highly recommend Matt Bennett!
Beverly Mortimer
Sr. Vice President of Programming at Jobs for America's Graduates-Kansas