For the past several years, I have traveled across the country co-leading “Turn The Page" Assemblies with Manny Scott and they are the most unique and powerful school assemblies in the world.  

-Matt Bennett

What Are Turn-the-Page Assemblies?

Turn the Page assemblies are a life-changing 60-minute experience that meets your students on their level, in order to inspire them to take responsibility for their own personal and academic success. In each assembly, Matt helps young people navigate through some of the very real and dark pain in their lives and then empowers them with the mindset and strategy to overcome those obstacles.

Turn the Page Assemblies: Matt Connects With Students Who Need Extra Social, Emotional, and Academic Help.

  • Inspire grit and resiliency
  • Raise student achievement
  • Prevent suicides
  • Reduce bullying
  • Create school-wide unity            
  • All…in just one 1 hour. 

Matt Connects With Students Who Need Extra Social, Emotional, and Academic Help.

Some of your students are on the verge of dropping out, doing drugs, or making decisions that could ruin their lives and the lives of others. Your students:

  • Need someone who can capture and keep their attention. 
  • Need someone who can meet them on their level and inspire the rise to new ones. 
  • They need someone who can speak their language, understand their culture, and relate to them in a way they perceive as relevant and powerful.  

Matt Bennett does all those things very well. He has a gift to engage even the most difficult student audiences, and help them turn the page and begin writing (living) new, more fulfilling chapters in their lives. Chapters filled with healing and hope, perseverance and possibility.  

Don’t miss this opportunity to bring Matt Bennett to your school and inspire your students to reach their full potential. Book him now and experience the transformation and hope he brings to your school community.


Turn the Page Assemblies capture and keep the attention of students so they can learn about their power to change their own lives.
Help students see that they are not alone in the challenges they are facing, and that other students are facing the same problems.

  • Reduce bullying.
  • Prevent suicides.
  • Inspire hope and compassion.
  • Create unity among your campus
  • …in only 1 hour.

More Takeaways

  • Changes the entire culture of the school.
  • Lets teachers see with their own eyes how well even their most difficult students can behave when given high expectations.
  • Reminds leaders of their “Why."
  • Fosters a campus-wide atmosphere of compassion, understanding, and excellence so that all students can flourish.